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Saurabh Kumar Suman
Posted Feb 05 - Read on Facebook

I want to convert my Framer Studio project into a Cordova/Phonegap app? Can anyone help?


Saurabh Kumar Suman

Koen Bok

Javier Eduardo Treviño

Framer is for prototyping and motion design, not necessarily a production environment at all

Saurabh Kumar Suman

Yes, I get that. But I developed a small game using framer and would love to share it as an app. Can the project not be wrapped in cordova? Its essentially HTML, JS and CSS right?

Javier Eduardo Treviño

i think it can be wrapped but in some other way.. anyone?

Edwin Van Rijkom

I think that technically it could work with Cordova, Saurabh Kumar Suman, for like you say, a Framer project is HTML, JS and CSS. I have no experience doing so though. I could imagine local resource loading issues, or performance issues to occur on non-Safari based runs.

Ryan Gambles

I'm trying to do exactly this right now to package a prototype for offline demoing on Android. The compiler keeps puking on the coffeescript files, it appears.

Koen Bok

I don't have experience with this, I'm sorry. But as it's just an HTML project, I think it should be fairly straightforward. Beware though that except for some special things (onboarding, isolated parts) I wouldn't use Framer for production.

Ravish Malik

Ryan Betts for showcasing framer projects, I just open the public link in chrome/safari and save that page to the homescreen. This way, it becomes an icon and open in fullscreen just like an installed app!

Mike Johnson

It's totally possible, and not too hard once you understand the workflow. I've had to do it a few times for user testing where loading images from framer's share server was simply too slow to feel like a real native app to usability participants.

I'll work on a quick screencast today.

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