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Daan van Klinken
Posted Feb 02 - Read on Facebook

Struggling with draggable constraints, would like to be able to drag this rectangle between y: -666 and y: 1200. But I'm doing something wrong here, when I enable the constraints, it keeps jumping back. Need a hand plz.


Daan van Klinken

JL Flores Mena Robert van Klinken

Benjamin Den Boer

Hey Daan, think of draggable constraints as it's own layer as well. Your draggable layer will be contained within this layer — and just like a normal layer, it has x/y/width/height properties. In your current file, it jumps to the top because it snaps back to the top of its constraints, which has y set to 0, while your layer has y set to 1000. If you want the layer to stay put in your current project, set y to 1000 for both the rectangle and its constraints. It will always snap to the bounds of its constraints, though. If you'd like to navigate between -666 and 1200 without snapping, I recommend using a ScrollComponent instead. :-)

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