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Rhys Merritt
Posted Feb 02 - Read on Facebook

I wrote a quick article which touches on the difference between FramerJS and Principle for Mac. Would love to know if anyone has anything to add, or disagrees :)


Jon Wood

Nice, super helpful. I've done the comparison myself, but you broke it down very clearly. 👌

Vincent Koopmans

Good effort.
There are some strange comparisons though.. "Endless possibilities?" "Involves actual code" I would say, "involves coding". There are plenty of examples for principle as well, lots on dribbble and on the FB group where sourcefiles are shared.

Bruce Vang

I've been using both and I'd say Principle has a lot of examples too. You can find a lot in the FB group.

Paulina Galoostian

Is there a principle for Mac fb group too?

Alexander Artsvuni

its like comparing kettle to coffe mashine

Philip Illum Thonbo

please dont compare brothers

Hansjan Kamerling

I don't think these tools are mutually exclusive. because I can easily see a workflow where you would be using both.

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