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Marc Krenn
Posted Jan 11 - Read on Facebook

Fetching a prototype's URI query enables you to quickly change some of your prototype's variables (strings, integers, imageURL strings etc.) by adding those as parameter to your prototype's link.


-> loads its default values = ______ + random hue

-> yourName + random hue

-> yourName + set hue



Jon Madison

i'm getting _.object is not a function when attempting to run locally -- looks like underscore is needed

German Bauer

Handy technique!

Tarun Chakravorty

An example of where is this super useful, is if you are making a prototype where the user is clicking through from an email. (i.e fake email that links out to your framer proto which now shows a "personalized" version of the page)

Amrit Mazumder

Account owner's name...would make a difference when you're user testing!

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