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Stan Dézaid
Posted Jan 29 - Read on Facebook

Does anyone have an example of an event that's triggered each time an array is increased by a new element ? (e.g. i++ when new element in array)


Stan Dézaid

Marc Krenn maybe ?

Marc Krenn

Hey Stan,
Maybe there is another event to listen to - for instance the same function or event that adds stuff to the array - to call your function? If you don't get what I mean, please share your file (or an abstraction of it) with us!

Marc Krenn

Btw it IS possible to listen to array changes directly:

Here's an example for one of the options, Array.observe:

(currently only supported by Chrome, Chrome for Android and Opera)

Stan Dézaid

Thanks Marc ! You can see my file attached.

I’d like to automatise the last part so that for each page of the deck, I have a dark layer covering progressively the card as the audio time passes.

One way I tried to do this was to the array topOfScreen contain only the card currently showing on screen, and I wanted to put a trigger on this array so whenever a new card goes in, the dark layer is applied to it.

Keep in mind I’m new to both Coffeescript and Framer, so that must seem pretty messy to you.
Let me know your thoughts !

Marc Krenn

I just skimmed over your code and some things don't seem right to me at first glance (reversed order of arrays and such). As I'm pretty busy today I couldn't make your file work but I've made some changes between line 262 and 279 that should get you started:

Stan Dézaid

That's great ! Thanks a lot for taking your time on this, you rock !!

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