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Ehren Miller
Posted Jan 26 - Read on Facebook

Curious: anyone out there found a way to insert their Framer projects into a page on a Wordpress site? Failing that, what gif-making software anyone found a gif-making program/process they really love?


George Kedenburg III

you can probably just put it in an iframe on whatever site you want

Ehren Miller

I hear you...probably will wreak havoc on the site's responsive design, though. I guess gifs are the way to go, but I haven't found a converter that kept the animation smooth.

Shirley Man

I was gonna post the same question regarding embedding Framer prototypes on WP!
For GIFs, I use GifGrabber on OSX.

Ehren Miller

Thanks for the tip--I'll check it out. I need to write a WP plugin and clean up!

Ehren Miller

Thanks, Marc. I'll try that, too!

Josef Richter

Well, if you turn it to gif, it's not a prototype anymore... If you need to preserve the interactivity, keep in mind Framer output is just plain old html/css/js

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