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Joe Lifrieri
Posted Jan 26 - Read on Facebook

I'm getting a hard crash every time I try to open a Framer prototype on OS 10.11 with Framer v49. The application opens fine, but opening prototypes causes an immediate crash. After checking Console, it looks like the problem is related to:
Framer Studio[23717]: assertion failed: 15B42: libxpc.dylib


Koen Bok

Hm this one is tough. Libxpc is an OSX system library that allows webkit to talk to Framer Studio. But because it's so deep in the system it's not something you can really look into. After some Googling some people that ran into it fixed it by simply rebooting their mac or updating to the latest OSX.

Joe Lifrieri

Hey Koen, an OSX developer troubleshot this for me today using XCode. It seems to relate to having multiple displays hooked up.

- (void)windowDidChangeBackingProperties:(NSNotification *)notification NS_AVAILABLE_MAC(10_7); // added in 10.7.3

We fixed it by unplugging my cinema display and opening framer on my macbook.

Koen Bok

Ha! I'd never guessed that. But I just fixed that bug yesterday, it will be in the next beta.

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