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Remco Bakker
Posted Jan 27 - Read on Facebook

Hey guys, i'm new to Framer (been a member of this group for a while, but never used Framer before) because coding looked a bit scary at first. I decided to give it a go and did some javascript courses. I know some basics, but don't have much experience yet. I need your help!

I'm trying to scale a container from 90% to 100% while scrolling. The amount of pixels scrolled determines the amount the container is scaled. It needs to scale to a 100% gradually.

Does anyone have an idea on how to do it?


Remco Bakker

I'm trying to use scrollY and scale, but it doesn't scale back to 90 when i scroll back up:(

Remco Bakker

It shouldn't be fired on the scroll event is my guess. Here's my file.

Remco Bakker

As you may have noticed, the wall does scale. It's buggy though. When i swipe all the way down, it doesn't scale back to its original size. Only when you hold the scroll. So my guess is that it should not be done on scroll, but purely based on y position. Please help!:)

Andrew Nalband

A tiny change can help fix that bug. Does this have the behavior you're expecting?

Remco Bakker

Perfect Andrew Nalband! Thnx man!

Adria Jimenez

Hey Remco Bakker I recommend you taking my course on Framer, it helped many people of this group :)

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Remco Bakker

Hey Adria Jimenez, which people of this group can i ask for their experiences with your course?

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