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Mark Johnston
Posted Jan 25 - Read on Facebook

Trying to show some rich text editor functionality, bold, underline, add a link etc. Is this even possible?


Marc Krenn

Possible? Yes.

I'd suggest using an existing (customizable) JS/HTML text editor though, instead writing a text editor yourself ... it's a surprisingly complex topic and - you know - its not always worth it to reinvent the wheel :D

Here's a tiny list of JS/HTML text editors - there are bazillions out there:

* (this one is even written in CoffeeScript)

Mark Johnston

I do not want to build a full blown editor, just select some text and change the style to something that looks like a link.

Andrew Nalband

Mark Johnston, yeah you can style the HTML text in Framer with CSS. I'm not at a computer at the moment. You need an example?

Jordan Robert Dobson

It's totally possible. Just keep the scope tight and I think you'll be fine. I've seen Alex Pereira do similar things.

Alex Pereira

Simplest way I've found is to have a text layer with different states (bold, link, etc) and toggle those states using your formatting controls.

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