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Jackie Chui
Posted Jan 23 - Read on Facebook

Accurate playhead control is a pain on mobile, here's a concept for the Youtube mobile app with thumbnail preview and scrub rate control.


Jordan Robert Dobson

Great work Jackie. Awesome to see work from Seattle Framer meetup people on here. 👌🏻

Jackie Chui

Hey Jordan thanks for helping out in the meetup, I went vanilla with the video player and finally got it working :)

Marc Krenn

YES, thank you soo much for sharing your work with us! :)

What a thoughtful, interesting and original INTERACTION design prototype that goes beyond the usual cosmetic prototyping. (Y)

I think the framer community desperately needs more of that, so keep it up!

Marc Krenn

Hey Jackie, if you need some help polishing this one up, ping me! 've got some ideas

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