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Oskar Susłow
Posted Jan 22 - Read on Facebook

Hello Guys!
I need to make a circular Slider in Framer. The Problem is I have no idea how to make one. Someone has a tutorial or a small explenation where to start? Would be wunderful :)
I've found an Image of what i mean.
I need the last one or the one in the middle!

Thank you :)


Artem Kozlov

svg animation?

Oskar Susłow

Ok, thanks. I'm new to Framer so i did not thought about it. I will check it! Thanks!

Josh Ackerman

I have made one, before but I never released it. It will be a few hours until I am able to post the source online but I will try to later today or tonight.

Oskar Susłow

Oh cool! Thanks man !

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