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Chris Aga
Posted Jan 22 - Read on Facebook

Anyone know if there's a plugin to search the layer viewer for pattern names?

If not, is there hope in the future that this feature will be implemented?


Andrew Nalband

Hi Chris, what are you trying to achieve?

Chris Aga

In the layer viewer, where my HammerLayer 304 etc are, I was hoping there'd be some kind of search bar so you could narrow down a layer in Framer.

Andrew Nalband

Ah, no that definitely doesn't exist. Jorn van Dijk - FYI

Marc Krenn

Until then, you could highlight some layers by doing this:

btw, Chris, did you manage to get your layer-count down? How does your prototype perform now?

Chris Aga

I did!!!!
That and switching to vanilla JS made a giant difference. Layer count went from 600+ to about 330!

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