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Christian Dorian
Posted Jan 22 - Read on Facebook

Does anyone have experience converting spring animations into production iOS code? Example — curve: "spring(300,24,0)"

Thanks All!


Jonas Treub

We are planning to start some research on this matter to make converting spring curves to native animation libraries easier. We have no information yet but I can recommend the Pop framework since it supports spring curve animations like Framer does.

Christian Dorian

Thanks Jonas Treub!

Marc Krenn

I'd say it's de-facto impossible to convert between rk4-springs to Apple's .... whatever that is. You could try to do some approximations but I'm pretty certain you won't ever be able to 'convert' it in that sense.

Here's an interesting article on this topic:

Scott Simpson

Not sure if this helps — but I found this very easy to use:

Nathan Manousos

We published an open source Swift implementation of RK4 here:

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