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Elliot Nolten
Posted Jan 21 - Read on Facebook

Hey guys,
I downloaded the "page-simple" example, but when I updated the file in Framer Studio the alignment of pages in the pageComponent is different. Is this a bug? Or should things like contentInset be used differently? Thanks!


Marc Krenn

I can't seem to replicate it :( ... works fine for me before and after the update. Did you refresh your preview after you've 'updated Framer'?

Marc Krenn

Ah, I can see it now :D
While, the first page is aligned/centered correctly, the following ones aren't. Might indeed be a bug @Koen.

Elliot Nolten

Yeah indeed. Thanks for looking in to it Marc!

Koen Bok

Hmm Benjamin maybe some idea what could happen here?

Andrew Nalband

Elliot Nolten perhaps you can share a link to the project file after update?

Elliot Nolten

Any luck guys? I fixed it like this: but then the contentInset will be obsolete in the near future?

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