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John Grendon Enderby
Posted Jan 20 - Read on Facebook

Hey folks! Was just wondering about the videoLayer, if is set .controls = true I can't actually use the controls. Is this normal? Is there something else I need to do to allow interaction with the controls?


Jonas Treub

I think you need to set:
element.ignoreEvents = false

John Grendon Enderby

Amazing, thanks!

Marc Krenn

As this very question comes up on a regular basis, I think it's fair to say that having to set ignoreEvents to false isn't very intuitive.

Any plans to change that, guys?

Jonas Treub

You are right but it has a reason. If all layers would not ignore events your prototype would not be so performant. The browser fires so many events that you quickly lose the 60fps.

Koen Bok

We should disable ignoreEvents on VideoLayer though.

Marc Krenn


At least default it to 'true' when '.controls' is set :)
Anyway, since your open to do this change for VideoLayers, I'd like to ask you do the same for normal layers including an iframe in their html property.
People wondering about their 'non-functiona'l iframes all the time ...

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