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Chandan Manohar Raikar
Posted Jul 14 - Read on Facebook

How can i make the prototype appear properly in all the for ex. i have created the prototype on google nexus frame. when i view in devices its looking pretty small on the screen. and i am using it in windows(framer.js). and some parts have been cutoff on the mobile screen.
how can i solve this?

also is there something like auto height and auto width?
inherit height and width from super layer?


Nick Hanigan

I am a newbie, so not so knowledgeable... but I think: Screen.height and Screen.width help. Also, know that sometime the imported Sketch layers may need to be increased x 2. You can do that by addressing the scale property of the layer... To take it from a default 1 scale to 2, I think it might look like:

sampleLayer = new Layer
scale: 2

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