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Marc Krenn
Posted Jan 18 - Read on Facebook

Sometimes all you want is to print some text :)

That's why I've hacked Framer's console to be ...

* 'fullscreen'
* customizable
* added a clearConsole() - function
* and a GUI button calling the above-mentioned function

I might add 'println'/linebreaks at some point, if anyone is interested.

grab it @


Caution: Auto refresh must be deactivated for this hack to work!

Koen / Taylor Wright


Marc Krenn

If you only need the clearConsole()-function for your project, check this out:

Ben Rodenhäuser

Cool. I have a question though: How to deactivate auto-refresh?

Koen Bok

I'll happily help you turn this into a PR so we can add it to core.

Jordan Robert Dobson

Thanks for pulling this together. Get it in core. :)

Taylor Wright

Very cool tools Marc, thanks for sharing!

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