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Ben Rodenhäuser
Posted Jan 18 - Read on Facebook

In the attachment you see an image with a semitransparent white layer with grey type on it (which is rendered using layer.html). What I would like to have, though, is the type being *fully* transparent (with the white layer still being semitransparent). Any ideas how I could go about this?

(Context: the semitransparent layer is briefly shown once a new series of images begins, showing the title of the series, and then vanishes, fully revealing the first picture in the series).


Koen Bok

This is tough one. After some Googling it seems using the text as a mask is easy (with text-mask), but it's hard to set it as a clipping mask. Any super css guru here with tips?

Marc Krenn

Yep, that's a toughie.

Masking out a solid white layer - using mixBlendMode: "screen" ( - isn't hard, but the second you try to mask out an image, this method quickly falls apart. :(

Maybe Benjamin knows how to do it?

Koen Bok

Or the other Benjamin De Cock

Ben Rodenhäuser

Thanks guys! See my above reply to Marc's post. Perhaps I made my problem seem harder than it really was. :-)

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