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Evan Knight
Posted Jan 17 - Read on Facebook

Having trouble getting the positioning right in Frameless iOS. It appears correctly in Framer, but when I open it in Frameless the videos do not show (except for one video thumbnail). Any ideas?

I've had this similar problem before, where I'd have to position the video differently to get it to show correctly on Frameless, which would make it out of position in Framer.

UPDATED LINK WITH SMALLER VIDEO FILES: - not very clean sorry :)


George Kedenburg III

i think the problem here is youre trying to load 60mb of video... i dont think its that the videos are in the wrong spot, theyre just taking forever to download. try running them all through something like and see if that helps

Evan Knight

It looks like they are showing correct position in Chrome: No luck in Frames or Frameless though.

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