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Nir Benita
Posted Jan 16 - Read on Facebook

Hey guys,

I have this prototype, where I have a list of items.

Each item will show additional actions on hover (As seen on the first item in my screenshot), and hovering over these actions should change the opacity.

The problem I'm getting, is that whenever the mouse enters the nested “actions” layers, it freaks out because technically, the mouse has fired a MouseOut on it’s parent.

Has anyone encountered/solved this issue?


Marc Krenn

Can you eventually share your code? It's kinda hard to tell what's going on without seeing your setup.

Or you could try to set it up like this example here: :)

Nir Benita

This is it
about.on Events.MouseEnter, ->
aboutHover.visible = true

about.on Events.MouseOut, ->
aboutHover.visible = false

actions.on Events.MouseEnter, ->
actions.opacity = 1

actions.on Events.MouseOut, ->
actions.opacity = 0.5

Marc Krenn

Using .visible might be problematic in this case as an "invisible" layer won't fire Events like MouseEnter etc.

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