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Marco Paglia
Posted Apr 02 - Read on Facebook

Dear Frameristas,
do you know if it's possible to animate an object (a layer basically) along a path?


Marc Krenn

Certainly possible but it hasn't been integrated, yet.

Tisho Georgiev proposed a solution in github which will eventually find it's way into Framer:

Chris Aga

No idea. But if you DO find a way, it'd be REALLY cool if there was a plugin or app that let you draw out paths that auto converted to functions.
So you could draw a function path like the red line in this img:

Tisho Georgiev

My PR is now up to date with the latest Framer, so you can certainly use that to animate things along a path. There's a sample project if you're wondering how to get started:

Daniel Whyte

surely you can do this with an svg path

Andrew Nalband
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