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Chris Clark
Posted Mar 01 - Read on Facebook

Weird/fun Framer Studio suggestion: slo-mo mode. i.e. a global animation speed multiplier.

So many times I've been demoing a complex animation to engineering and they just can't see what's really happening, because the whole thing is over in 0.3 seconds. So I create my own speedMultiplier variable and multiply all my animation times by it, so I can slow it down 10x on demand.

If it was just a slider in Framer Studio that applied to truly *all* animations (including scroll bounce, scroll inertia page snap, etc) it'd save me a lot of manual hackery during demos.

No idea if that's broadly appealing or if I'm an edge case. But thought I'd put it out there :)


Javier Chávarri

You can go slo-mo by modifying It's an undocumented property that modifies the time that goes between frames when animating. It has a default value of 1/60 (60 frames per second).

For example, if you want 10x slower (6 frames per second), run this at the beginning of your project: = / 10

Cemre Güngör

we used to have a keyboard shortcut for this eons ago :)

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