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Kamal Nayan
Posted Jan 14 - Read on Facebook

So I've multiple art-boards imported from Sketch, which can be swipped left & right. On every art-board coming in the view port, I waana show some interactions, i.e., add a new element & animate it. How do I know if a particular art-board is in the viewport (& then add interactions)? Best way to go about it? Thanks in advance.


Pheetype Heyground

I was stuck at the same point when I start to prototyping and what I've done is re organize all of artboards and layers to be single one artboard. About the interaction it's done by coding for example: ordering an event which thing need to show before, what thing will show later have to hide them first. This is the way i got, Is anyone have a better way to do it? I would love to hear that too.

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