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Ban Nguyen
Posted Sep 29 - Read on Facebook

Hi guys, I am trying to create a calendar but i am stuck as you see if user clicks on a day then other days need to be back to default. I have tried .add.state but not working (I am new to framerJS)


David Lee

David Lee
If you change 'startDate' then you will be able to dynamically change the days.Hope this helps.

Ban Nguyen

Thanks David Lee! this is awesome. Now what I am tying to do next is creating a horizontal scroll so you can scroll to other months. How do you turn this makeCalendar function to return a month and place it in scroll.content? basically just like the iOS calendar but in horizontal layout.

Ban Nguyen

it works. Thanks David Lee for the tips! One more thing now i have to double click on the day to make a selection. Any idea?

Ash Adamson

Hey guys, just wanted to share that I found this post when looking for something to make a calendar.

I took what you guys made and took it in another direction. Code is cleaned and commented, and thought it'd be good to leave it here for anyone else looking to make a calendar prototype.

Thank you for taking it this far, it helped me a lot to build on top of.

Ban Nguyen

very nice! thank you!

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