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Darvinder Singh Kochhar
Posted Jan 15 - Read on Facebook

Hi guys,

I am trying to share my prototype but I am getting the error in the attached image.

Can you guys please help me figure this out?

It is a desktop prototype and I think this error occurred because the prototype is pretty heavy and has a lot of layers.


George Kedenburg III

yeah this usually means your project is too big... i would try and flatten as much as you can in your file, you can also try and optimize the images (theyre in a folder called images in the project file)

George Kedenburg III

another option is to use a dropbox public folder instead of the native framer share

Koen Bok

Just for extra info, this is a weird error that we see sometimes with Amazon S3 (we upload directly to S3). It is not always related to the file size. We'll keep on looking for a fix.

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