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Ben Rodenhäuser
Posted Jan 13 - Read on Facebook

Hi guys, a suggestion. It would be great if it were possible to selectively import Sketch documents, that is: being able to choose the *page* (in the Sketch document) one would like to import. This would be very helpful, e.g., for preparing variants of a layout (sharing the same layer hierarchy) and being able to quickly switch from one layout to the other in Framer (by just chaning the page one wants to import). Would also be helpful for importing just one Framer-relevant page from a "bigger" Sketch document that might contain all sorts of (Framer-irrelevant) stuff.

Has this been considered? Would others find it helpful, too?


Koen Bok

I have considered it, but I don't see pages used in Sketch often and it would be pretty hard to do elegantly because Framer doesn't have page concept, which means everything would end up on top of each other.

That said, if enough people use pages and I'm completely wrong, I'm happy to reconsider. Meanwhile, you can import two Sketch documents at the same time if you really wanted to separate things badly. Just import one after the other.

Ben Rodenhäuser

Turns out Framer Studio already does what I meant to suggest it to do: Only the currently visible page in a Sketch document is imported to Framer. So it's possible to quickly duplicate an artboard, put the original artboard on another page of the Sketch document, working out a variation on the duplicate, and reimport into Framer with the duplicate (after removing the "Copy" in the artboard name automatically inserted by Sketch). Thus preserving a copy of the unaltered artboard. That's exactly what I wanted, but I didn't realize it's already possible ...

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