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Jianqi Chen
Posted Jan 13 - Read on Facebook

hi guys if i choose the device as desktop, how to make the height of web browser longer?


Kwangsik Kim

Got a same question as his... And im wondering if it's got hover state too.

Andrew Nalband

Jianqi Chen if you choose desktop these are the only options available to you. If you need more height I'd recommend choosing "fullscreen" instead of desktop

Jianqi Chen

Andrew Nalband, thank you, and i find there are a custom device, however, I cannot find the custom device doc for desktop in framer.js documentation. Any place i can refer to how to use the custom device?

Koen Bok

Use the snippet -> custom device.

Casey Callow

Check out "Mouse Events" in the docs to do a hover state. Each layer you want to apply a hover state to will require a MouseOver and a MouseOut. You change the opacity for MouseOver to create a hover effect.

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