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John Kopanas
Posted Jan 29 - Read on Facebook

Is it possible to do any type of responsive design in Framer JS?


Jordan Robert Dobson

Not really. You can listen for window resize events and handle your UI accordingly... but I haven't done it much myself and don't see many others doing it either.

Javier Chávarri

hey John Kopanas I have been doing some responsive layouts in the past by using the Screen sizes and some calculations, as Jordan points out. But in my experience, it's not been very flexible and it's difficult to handle when the project becomes more complex.

Right now, I'm working on an experiment / addition to Framer to allow the use of a small set of flexbox properties inside Framer layers. It's in a very early stage, but you can check the code and an example on Github

Javier Chávarri
Elliott Malkin

I also want to do basic image resizing when the size of the canvas changes on desktop. I hoped that the attached approach would work, but it's not catching the event.

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