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Jacek Stryk
Posted Jan 12 - Read on Facebook

I have a videoLayer I'm trying to create a border around with:["outline"] = "1px solid red"

I want the border to be overlaid on top of the video so tried with["outline-offset"] = "1px"

but that does render the border on the layer behind the video.

Is there a way of rendering the outline ON top of the VideoLayer but INSIDE of the video so it overlays the video?

Thanks for any hints!


Koen Bok

I would just add another layer on top of it to render the border.

Jacek Stryk

ok, thanks, that's an option. Was more looking for some object property to give it border so when I modify the object (scale etc) the border is modified as well as opposed to tracking another layer.

Koen Bok

I understand. But doing it like this (and tracking the other layer with "change:frame") is pretty common practise, and a fine way to do it if you ask me :-)

Jacek Stryk

Cool, thanks, will try the change:frame then. Appreciate!

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