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Marc Krenn
Posted Jan 12 - Read on Facebook

Hey Frameristos,

Chris Aga and I were working on a magnifying effect yesterday and I think it turned out pretty cool :)

Grab it here:


Marc Krenn

And of course I'd like to thank Jordan for his great pointer module! :)

Adria Jimenez

I love it as a concept but if you want to make it usable you should put the magnifier above the finger or your finger will cover the magnification and you wont see anything hehe

Mohammed Morsi

awesome and yes I agree with Adria Jimenez

Stephen Crowley


Marc Krenn

File received an update (same link)!

It's now using states instead of vanilla-animations (y)

Utkarsh Mishra

Hey Marc! Great animation.

Just wanted to know, how did you manage to export gif out of framer?

Chris Aga

BEAUTIFUL!!! I especially love the magnifier appear/disappear animations!

Koen Bok

Extremely cool!

JT DiMartile

Can you make it voice activated so I can just yell ENHANCE at my screen?

Stephen Donaldson

How do you post a gif? Does it need to be hosted in the link?

Peter Müller

Super cool! Somebody seems to plan to become framer world champion 😁

Dezideriu Raita-Beeckman

i love ittttttttttttttttttt

Dezideriu Raita-Beeckman

is still framer;Js?

Dezideriu Raita-Beeckman

Mark i thing that Pixate make big difference though

Dezideriu Raita-Beeckman

i'm so nervous coz i can't have it for windows they are egoist only for that stupid Mac they do all

Dezideriu Raita-Beeckman

apart from Pixate whom hey have done nice thinks for both parts Mac and Windows

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