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Kat Reilly
Posted Jan 11 - Read on Facebook

Hello, friends! I'd like to throw my hat into this awesome ring and kickstart my 30-Day Framer Challenge.


Prototype #1: AlphaBlocks, a simple JSON powered stream of alphabet blocks.

Backstory: I made this for my 18-month-old goddaughter, Olive. She currently loves two things: reciting the alphabet and swiping things on her mom's iPhone. This is a way for her to do both :)


Feedback is always welcome.

#framer30daychallenge #prototype1


Kat Reilly

P.S. I've noticed that my sound effect is either not playing or very delayed on the shared web preview. Any advice on how to fix?

Chris Camargo

Nice one! I can confirm that your sound isn't working on Chrome here either, but it works in Studio. Not really sure why, as it looks like you're following the docs properly. I don't personally have a lot of experience with VideoLayer, so maybe someone else can help out on that one. One recommendation – try taking your `sound` layer out of the loop. In its current incarnation, you're generating a sound layer for each block, which isn't necessary. You can just play the same one over an over. Also, no need to specify a superLayer for it, you can just move it somewhere outside of the canvas, or set `visible` to false if you want to hide the player frame.

Marc Krenn

Nice work!

Be careful though! Letters are fun and games *until* Alphabet sues you to hell and back :O


Marc Krenn

On a more serious note, here are some (annotated) improvements: :)

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