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Marc Krenn
Posted Jan 16 - Read on Facebook

Be sure to switch on HD!


Here's an old, yet unreleased prototype showing a reinterpretation of Android's timepicker. It's one of my most complete prototypes I've worked on, spanning topics like ...

* ... coming up with a new UI element - I used to call it the 'mercury slider' - that A) fits the use-case (a hybrid radial-menu) on a functional and aesthetic level and B) feels like a natural extension of Material Design's current family of UI elements.

* ... improving on while keeping it's current functionality, which results in a flat learning curve, helping to bridge all sorts of skill levels. (Did you notice the current timepicker doesn't *really* work like a radial-menu, even though it's such a natural fit?)

* ... trying to increase the joy-of-use / 'itch' while also improving it on a functional level (dat 'infinite' Fitt's score!).


Anyway, while I unfortunately can't share the prototype, I'll happily try to answer all the question you might have about it! (@ Mohammed) :)

btw: I'm curious to hear what our Googlers (Joshua / German / Min-Sang / Fran / etc.) think about this!


Jo Preibisch

Nice one!
How to you came up with this idea?

Mohammed Morsi

how did u do these circles? is it SVG?

Eli Beitzuri

This is so inspiring!

Heni Amundsen

I would love to try your design with letters as android keyboard with a swype autocomplete funktion.

Peter Müller

Slick :) nice idea!

Dezideriu Raita-Beeckman

what program have you used?

Nick Kutateli

How are you doing the liquid effect?

Wook Lee

Eddie Lee

Dave Tiedemann

Would you mind sharing the project?

Jorn van Dijk


Dezideriu Raita-Beeckman

Mark i thing that Pixate make big difference though

David Lee

Mind blowing

David Lee

Seems like it has two circles where the inner circle is AM and the outer is PM. (Unlike the video) shouldn't one of the numbers on the outer circle be selected when the touch piont goes outside the inner circle? If that so, isn't the finger covering the number when trying to select one of the inner circle? Since the finger has to slow down to position accurately (not going over to PM circle), it won't have a good score by the fitt's law as well?
I think just selecting numbers would be much faster and easier since I guess it's also possible for this UI. But then users may not enjoy the blobbing effect since it may hurt usability.
I haven't thought about the solutions but it seems like a promising concept which can be improved further. Thanks for sharing. would like to see the code in the future :)

Jianqi Chen

Hi I have a question, I really like how it transfer the circle like a drop of water, how do do that?

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