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Dave Tiedemann
Posted Jan 08 - Read on Facebook

Hi gangsters,

have a problem with a project I'm working on.
Can't get to work the scrollComponent right.

I want the content least beneath "Category 1" to be scrollable.
But it just scrolls one line und not the whole height of the text frame.Why is that? Anyone some ideas?

Project is here:

Thanks in advance for helping me out on this one.
(Will surely approach more probs on the way to finish this project)


Dave Tiedemann

Can someone help me, please?

Benjamin Den Boer

Hey Dave Tiedemann — hmm, could you also share the Sketch file? I can take a look for you. Likely something with masking.

Benjamin Den Boer

Hey Dave Tiedemann — thanks for attaching the Sketch file! I took a look for you, and here's what's going on. If you print out the height of the imported list within Framer (print sketch.liste.height) you'll get 414. But this is x2, so when importing, Framer thinks the height of your layer in Sketch is 207. It took a bit of searching to figure out why, since your masks are 184 high, but it has to do with artboards. Your "liste" text layer group exceeds the height of its mask. But in Sketch, content that goes beyond its artboard gets clipped. So, if you calculate the height from the absolute top of the text layer, to the absolute bottom of your artboard, you'll see it's exactly 207. This is what Framer picks up. In this case, the easiest fix is to place all of your layers in a single group instead of an artboard (delete artboard → keep layers) and place the group at x:0, y:0. I see you already have a mask at the bottom as well, so then you're all set and your layer will be scrollable all the way. :-)

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