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Posted Jan 07 - Read on Facebook

Hi, member of Framer Studio.

Thank you for update framer so nicely every time.
really appreciate for your efforts with many features and changes.

But while png import methods has been changed, Frames(app) cannot import png file anymore.

Maybe they(Frames app maker) are struggle to follow updates now.

But why don't you guys make viewer application?

I think framer native application is necessary for all of framer users. Because third party application is so difficult to follow updates. And website link history manage, performance, stability…There are many reasons.

I just wondering about any plan to make native Framer viewer application.



Hyun Soo Kim

cannot agree more

Koen Bok

So I think what's happening here is that our little web server has a bug with @ in filenames. We just ran into this yesterday and I'll have a fix soon.

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