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Aaron Paterson
Posted Jan 07 - Read on Facebook


From conception to Sketch then FramerJS. Fuckin love this application. Yes! Here is a shopping card I created this morning. I'm still not too pleased with the bezier - curve timing and slide in though - but I'll chisel it down… to my liking later. I' would like to create a 'click event' that adds a 'quantity' to the cart [top right of the screen] that in the 'black dot' feeds { i.e. 1, 2, 3, ,4 etc? Any idea how to start this?

p.s touch the shoe :0


Noah Tsutsui

Can I ask what the point of that animation is?

Aaron Paterson

Just having some fun, but it's one of many interactions I'm work out for the shoe.

Noah Tsutsui


Moeed Mohammad

Animating the shadow to lighten and get fuzzier as the shoe goes up could be a nice touch.

Aaron Paterson

hmm. i'll look into it, thanks Moeed Mohammad.

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