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Dave Tiedemann
Posted Jan 07 - Read on Facebook

G'morning, ladies & gentlemen.

Anyone knows if this udemy course is good?
Thx in advance for feedback.


Benjamin Den Boer

Hey Dave Tiedemann — Adria Jimenez is a really good teacher, actively helps his students within the forum of the course and always keeps the course up-to-date with the latest Framer features, too. We can definitely recommend it. :-)

Guy Gunaratne

Hey Dave Not sure about that one but go seek out Jay Stakelon FrontEnd Masters course. Also - Noah Levin Skillshare course was another great one.

Dave Tiedemann

Thanks, Guy!

Adria Jimenez

That's my course :) currently with more than 1000 students worldwide in different platforms learning Framer. As Benjamin said I try to always keep the course updated with latest Framer features and adding new lessons and videos.
You can use the coupon FRAMERGROUP to get a discount :)

Daniel Kamphorst

Don't know about the udemy course, but I can definitely recommend the course by Jay Stakelon.

Koen Bok

It is really good!

Dave Tiedemann

Thanks, Koen Bok, for feedback!

And thank you so much for building FramerJS and Framer Studio.
An awesome tool for a reasonable price – a bargain, actually.

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