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Blaine Billingsley
Posted Jan 07 - Read on Facebook

Another minor question to everyone - what are some people's favorite springs? I want to create a little micro-site/framer example with a bunch of different spring examples and am trying to crowd-source some of the dopest ones. I am always tweaking the springs endlessly because I only have a child's understanding of the parameters. It would be nice to see a bunch in action all next to each other.


Blaine Billingsley

To start things off, I actually normally use this cubic-bezier for transitions. Not a spring, but better than nothing: cubic-bezier(0.26, 0.86, 0.44, 0.985)

Koen Bok

I like to use springs without bounce instead of ease-out. Something like `spring(200, 20, 0)`. I think real physics look better then math curves.

Jordan Robert Dobson

I tend to start at 500, 50, 0...

Benjamin Den Boer

I always start with (400, 30, 0) :-)

Marc Krenn

(300,30,0) aka the 'cemre'-curve for me ;)

edit: Whaaat?! Cemre's is (400,40,0)?! Did he change his mind in the past 2 years or was it always 400,40?

Jordan Robert Dobson

So when do you guys ever use the third value? (Velocity I think it is?)

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