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Jacob Berlow
Posted Mar 24 - Read on Facebook

I seem to have an enlarged cursor. Does anyone know how to fix this? I am on the latest version.


Koen Bok

Well this is odd. Which version are you running?

Stephen Crowley

This would happen when I would unplug my computer from my monitor or move the window between laptop screen and computer monitor.

Chris Camargo

Okay, I think I found the crux. On my MBP Retina screen, the cursor appears significantly oversized. When I drag Studio onto my standard resolution monitor, the cursor is a normal size.

Chris Camargo

I'd love it if the cursor stayed at its smaller size. kthxbai! :)

Mike Hughes

I also have this, but thought it was the 'normal' cursor since I ahven't been using Framer Studio very long.

Mike Hughes

Same size in the current Beta. What size 'should' it be ?

Koen Bok

Jonas can you guys look into why this is happening? I suspect it's using a 2x image where it shouldn't in some cases.

Mike Hughes

I have about the size in original screenshot. But based on some dribble GIFs etc. seems like it should be about the size of an iPhone Home/TouchID sensor ???

Mike Hughes

New info. Cursor in Framer Studio is about double the size. But when you Mirror in a browser, it is the 'normal' size, which is about the size of an iPhone 6 Home/TouchID sensor, when zoom is set to 'Fit'. Still an issue in the Framer Beta I downloaded yesterday.

Jonas Treub

This seems to be a WebKit issue:
I'll try another round of workarounds today.

Eelco Lempsink

This should be fixed in the latest beta, just released.

Mike Hughes

Hi Guys, thanks a million. Yes is fixed. I just used Framer Studio Beta beta/91ea506, on my MAC Book Pro 15 Retina (2014) on 10.10.5 and cursor is 'normal size' ! :-)

Jorn van Dijk

Way to go Eelco!

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