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Benjamin Den Boer
Posted Jan 11 - Read on Facebook

Hey all! We're super excited to host our first-ever Framer Meetup in Amsterdam, with a presentation + workshops from the team. Learn more about design tools, prototyping and how you can bring your designs to life with Framer. RSVP here —


Jorn van Dijk


Øyvind Nordbø

Yes!! I'll definitely be there.

Robert van Klinken

Jeffrey de Groot

David Lee

I shared this in UT Delft DfI group :)

Peter Müller


German Bauer

As if anybody needed even more reason to travel to Amsterdam :)

Anders Mellbratt

Live stream?

Stephanie Engle

Do you have flights for Californians 😬

Atulesh Bhardwaj

Live stream? Take my money

Daniel Kamphorst

Definitely coming!

Peter Müller

Will it be in Dutch or in English? :D

Jonas Treub

The meetup will be in English.

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