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Albert Ramirez Canalias
Posted Jan 07 - Read on Facebook

Hi guys.

I'm trying to recreate a shake or bounce effect. Any idea or example how to apply this kind of effect?


Benjamin Den Boer

Hey Albert Ramirez Canalias, you can achieve this by quickly looping two separate animations, check out this example —

Albert Ramirez Canalias

Thanks :D

Aalok Trivedi

you can also use this awesome module. you can create a animation sequence or set and have it repeat however many times you want

Albert Ramirez Canalias

Woooo. Thanks, sounds really great.

Any other module worth to know about?

Aalok Trivedi is a really good one too but it looks like the site is down...

Albert Ramirez Canalias

Benjamin Den Boer, how can I apply this with a previous click? I can't figure it out :( and it's suppose to be simple

Albert Ramirez Canalias

Thanks Marc Krenn

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