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Josh Ackerman
Posted Jan 04 - Read on Facebook


I just finished another widget which focuses on easy color selection. Big thanks to all the people in this Facebook group who helped me with the scroll effect!

Like on Dribbble:


Konstantin Stihe

Wow. Can you try to make Paste automatic and Selected (or just first one) so user can reenter numbers?

Stefanos Kofopoulos


Darin Dimitrov

Beautiful, honestly made me smile. What's the typeface?

Josh Ackerman

Darin Dimitrov The typeface is Din Round.

Josh Ackerman

Konstantin Stihe Automatic selection is a good idea. The next step for this widget is that the color you type in the box is added to your "library" for later use. This will make the add function more important, and as a result, automatic selection more important.

Marc Krenn

The scrolling effect works great on this one!

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