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Oskar Sundberg
Posted Jan 04 - Read on Facebook

This used to work in the previous version:

resultsText = new Layer
backgroundColor: "none"

Previously it removed the background and now gives me a solid black background instead of the default transparent blue. The alternative version:

resultsText = new Layer
"background": "none"

Works fine, however.


Andrew Nalband

You can use false or "" in the place of "none"

Daniel Kamphorst

You can also use "transparent".

Daniel Kamphorst

Or null.

Marc Krenn

Jonas, I've noticed some small inconsistencies when it comes to transparent Colors but I'm not sure if they're intentional or not:

Jonas Treub

CSS invalid color strings default to transparent. In Framer we now default to black. Since we try to conform to CSS I'll change this. Thanks for your feedback!

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