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JL Flores Mena
Posted Jan 04 - Read on Facebook

Happy new year everybody!
If, like me, you're trying to level up your coding/logic skills and enjoy using Framer, here's a site with 25 riddles that are language agnostic. It's about analyzing a problem, planning a solution, and then you use whatever language you prefer.

I've got 10 gold stars so far and I might be the only one solving these riddles using Framer/Coffeescript haha.



Chris Camargo

Seriously cool.

Jessica Speigel

This is great. The whole reason I learned how to code was to avoid doing extra work, so this is appealing. :D

Marc Krenn

Cool, wish I had more time for this. :O

Did you guys figure out how to fetch the input using a XMLHttpRequest?

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