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Josh Ackerman
Posted Apr 12 - Read on Facebook


Now that I have some more free time, I will be posting projects more often. Here is the basic idea behind a widget to choose fonts. In the future I hope to add some more function to it.

As of right now there is a minor bug which occurs when the user scrolls to the end of the list. This is because there is not a left or right page to apply to opacity effect to. I would appreciate any help fixing this. Despite this, here is a download link.

Edit: To make this more visible, here is fixed version by Andrew Nalband

Like on Dribbble:


Marc Krenn

Lovely execution :)

(As I don't know the context this widget lives in, the following might be completely irrelevant and/or wrong but here it is anyway: )

I'm not sure if cards are the right choice for font-selection, as one might want to compare all the available options right next to each other. Therefore I believe a (fancy) list-selector* would be the better choice for selecting a font.

* think iOS' picker

Josh Ackerman

Here is a barebones example of the context of this widget (not actual size). I used the card analogy because the widget is not tied to one single app. The idea is that the user can scroll through a list and drag the font to any app or document, as opposed to every single app having a unique way to choose fonts. Otherwise I intend to add that users can press a letter or type a full font name to find a specific font (to avoid scrolling through the whole list).

Andrew Nalband

Josh Ackerman This feels like it shouldn't work, but it does. Still has an alignment bug if you swipe a second time after landing on the first or last card, but you can swipe to those cards now.

Dezideriu Sorin Raita

that framer should be on the windows to not only on Mac they are to greedy

Jordan Robert Dobson


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