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Josh Ackerman
Posted Apr 12 - Read on Facebook


Now that I have some more free time, I will be posting projects more often. Here is the basic idea behind a widget to choose fonts. In the future I hope to add some more function to it.

As of right now there is a minor bug which occurs when the user scrolls to the end of the list. This is because there is not a left or right page to apply to opacity effect to. I would appreciate any help fixing this. Despite this, here is a download link.

Edit: To make this more visible, here is fixed version by Andrew Nalband

Like on Dribbble:


Marc Krenn

Lovely execution :)

(As I don't know the context this widget lives in, the following might be completely irrelevant and/or wrong but here it is anyway: )

I'm not sure if cards are the right choice for font-selection, as one might want to compare all the available options right next to each other. Therefore I believe a (fancy) list-selector* would be the better choice for selecting a font.

* think iOS' picker

Josh Ackerman

Here is a barebones example of the context of this widget (not actual size). I used the card analogy because the widget is not tied to one single app. The idea is that the user can scroll through a list and drag the font to any app or document, as opposed to every single app having a unique way to choose fonts. Otherwise I intend to add that users can press a letter or type a full font name to find a specific font (to avoid scrolling through the whole list).

Andrew Nalband

Josh Ackerman This feels like it shouldn't work, but it does. Still has an alignment bug if you swipe a second time after landing on the first or last card, but you can swipe to those cards now.

Dezideriu Raita-Beeckman

that framer should be on the windows to not only on Mac they are to greedy

Jordan Robert Dobson


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