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Daniel Caine
Posted Mar 09 - Read on Facebook

Hey guys, what's the best alternative for generating gifs from videos? My subscription expired a few days ago and not really wanting to get another one just for this task.


Marc Krenn

Here's my Adobe-free, Facebook-friendly, inline/autoplay-ready gif workflow:

1. Set your preview to around 50% (on a 1200p Monitor)

2. Record the desired screen portion using Quicktime (15sec. max, you can "shorten" your clip with Quicktime)

2. Upload .mov to giphy (

4. Take the giphy link (looks something like: and paste it into this tool

5. Click "Fetch New scrape information" and wait around 5-10 Minutes.

6. On the same page, click on "Show existing scrape information" and see if the gif plays on the lower portion of the site. If not, the dimension of your gif is likely to be too large (see #1).

7. Paste your giphy-link into your FB comment or post.


Daniel Caine

Cheers Marc!

Paddu Raghavan

You can also use licecap ( it records gif directly from screen

Evgeny Ugreninov

And also GIF brewery. It allows to resize and precise control size and compression of gif.

Marc Krenn

Has anyone yet found a hoster that allows inline-gifs with autoplay on FB? That's may main reason why I'm sticking with giphy atm.

Steven Krawietz

Another great and small tool to use instead of PS on mac is Gifrocket (free)

Arron J Hunt works well for me. No intermediate Quicktime step, just record straight to GIF

Benjamin Den Boer

If you're recording simple shapes, without shading and little color variations — LiceCap is the way to go. If you're looking for colorful, detailed gifs (of photos, for example) — I'd go for Screenflow → Photoshop.

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