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Jonas Jäger
Posted Dec 30 - Read on Facebook

I’d like to use my LG G3 (Resolution: 1440x2560px) for Framer prototypes and presentations. So far I have managed to import my Sketch file (see screenshot) and preview the Framer project on my phone… it looks fine on my phone. Since there’s no LG G3 Viewer in Framer Studio I am not able to display my project correctly in the Framer Studio Viewer (see my other screenshot). Is there a way to preview my project correctly on both my phone AND Framer Studio Viewer/Presentation Mode?


Marc Krenn

Try adding the following on top of your project:

Framer.DeviceView.Devices["custom"] =
_____"deviceType": "phone"
_____"screenWidth": 1440
_____"screenHeight": 2560
_____"deviceImageWidth": 1440
_____"deviceImageHeight": 2560

Framer.Device.deviceType = "custom"

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