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David Lee
Posted Jan 02 - Read on Facebook

Updated prototype:
And video:

I'm making some example prototypes for my next article about how to use array (with If and For statements) in Framer. I'm sharing one of the prototypes (Clear app) which is sort of an afterschool excercise for those who push themselves further. Any thoughts on improvements are welcome :)

Btw, I'm thinking of the title as 'Lightsaber for Jedi, Array for Framer: Make Better Prototypes with Array'. What do you think?

Music ⓒ - Kevin MacLeod


Farid Kalirad

Why didn't you pixate for that?

Fran Pérez

It'd be awesome to see how you would solve this within a scroll component :)

Martin Skarbø Sangolt

Is this prototype supposed to be an example of how to make the to-do app Clear?

David Lee

Fran Pérez Joshua Tucker
Here's the new prototype. You guys made me push myself to dig into it :) Now I want to exercise further with this prototype to make it as identical to the real app. Thanks for your encouragement and to Jordan Robert Dobson's great example. I learned a lot.

Jiwoong Lee

Just curious about the x/y-drag direction locking. I've been achieving it just by using two ScrollComponents (or PageComponents) and setting directionLock: true for both. I think this meets general needs. Is there any more complexity needed?

Made some example while watching New Year's fireworks :) Happy new year, everyone.

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