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Luke Warda
Posted Dec 31 - Read on Facebook

Not sure if this is the right forum to ask but here it goes. I'm interested in building a mobile website that uses transitions of a similar vein to the google search results (see video). I want to be able to transition between a list and detail view by animating certain elements before and after transition. I also want to preserve the state of Safari Chrome between screens (if the user scrolls down the chrome is minified and it should remain minified when the user navigates to detail view). I know it's something i could prototype with framer but I want to implement it on a website that uses body scroll. Would you have any recommendations as to how this should be approached? Thanks a bunch.


Andrew Nalband

I've seen velocity.js mentioned before as a nice framework for implementing front end animations, but I haven't used it myself

Luke Warda

Thanks Andrew Nalband! I managed to achieve what I needed with smoothstate.js. Here is a link for someone who might be trying to achieve this for mobile web.

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