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Joshua Dickens
Posted Jan 02 - Read on Facebook

How do folks develop components? It seems like I have to save in both my texteditor (textmate) as well as in Framer Studio to make any changes in my component propagate/ go live. Is there a better workflow?


Ian Silber

I've been wondering the same thing. Was considering a solution like doing all my dev only in Sublime or textmate, previewing in browser and using something like browser-sync to live update anytime a file changes.

Josh Puckett

Develop in sublime locally in the project's modules folder, so that way you take advantage of FS's auto refresh.

Koen Bok

Yep, for now this is the way. We will do another pass on this soon.

Julius Tarng

cc Will Dawson we were struggling with inability to refresh framer for similar type of stuff. would be cool if either framer studio listened for changes to the app.js when made from other tools, or provided some functionality for us to trigger a refresh from outside the app

Jordan Robert Dobson

I build my components in Framer and move the pieces out to modules outside of studio when done.

If I have to make substantial changes then I copy paste to the top of the project, remove a few exports mentions and adjust.

Unless the changes are minor.

German Bauer

Is there a good "best practices" for building components?
Did you guys just take apart the built-in ones and built your own from there?
I am not new to developing scripts/code (AS, Ai, Sketch etc) but I am learning Framer and I like the idea of shareable, reusable components! Any clues welcome.

German Bauer

One last question: In Framer Studio lingo, what the is the difference between a component and a module?
(In my mental model modules are externalized and re-usable helper code while components are subclasses of atomic built-in elements)

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