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Oskar Sundberg
Posted Jan 07 - Read on Facebook

Hey guys, love the new version - but it doesn't work the way I expected it to.

Shouldn't the 2x import from Sketch import everything so it automatically is scaled to 50%? I get a 2880 artboard from my 1440 Sketch file - I assumed I would get a 1440 artboard with double the resolution for sharper text and images?

Bonus: All "_" characters in sketch layers also disappear during import.


Matt Johnson

I'm finding the same on the "Bonus" issue. Almost all of my layers use the underscore. Fix would be appreciated soon!

Koen Bok

Framer currently only works in 1:1 pixels, so if you import 2x everything is scaled 50% indeed. We might look into pixels/points at some point, but it adds complexity too (in other cases).

We know about the _ and are working with the Sketch guys to get it out of there.

Casey Callow

Given the way Framer works now, what's the best way to increase display quality on a web prototype? Designing in retina in 1024 and exporting to 1x into Framer results in very fuzzy quality, even though the viewer is desktop viewer is 1024. 'Framer.Device.content.scale = .5' just clips the content within the viewer

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